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64th China International Medical Equipment Fair
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   64th China International Medical Equipment Fair on October 12 - October 15 , held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center . Our booth is located in Hall 2 A36 main hall seats, exhibition of products of this company in addition to the original function of mature products such as bio- feedback device, CPAP machine endures, but also launched a home dental cleaning device, monitor urine output and other new products.
   Due to high-technology products , the appearance of new , market potential by participating visitors of all ages. During the consultation meeting to booth visitors flocked to know of thousands of people receive visitors , they launched the new and old have expressed a strong interest in the product , such as bio- feedback instrument as a function of the current functional constipation most advanced treatment means , has been widely used in clinical Western countries , compared with conventional therapy , a relatively non-invasive, easy to tolerate , outpatient treatment , etc., in line with the modern pursuit of mental health needs, and the company launched the home , medical two models , to provide patients with the opportunity to select multi-channel multi-faceted treatment . Another example is the company launched CPAP machine, mainly in patients with sleep apnea syndrome for , as people concerned about the health of the increasingly high degree of snoring , apnea harm the general population has been recognized as the treatment of the disease safe and effective method , the use of continuous positive airway pressure breathing machine more widely . During the meeting the company carried on the balance of the prototype sold out , and nearly 20 other dealers to achieve cooperation .

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