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Rewarding Chengdu exhibition celebrating King Medical 2009 Triumph smoothly
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    October 28-31, 2009,King Medical (Changzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd was invited tobe heldin Chengdu62ndChinaInternational MedicalEquipment Fair,boothNo.H3-N02,this exhibitionisComayelectronicbandtothelife and hope,the next stepis moreComayelectronicdevelopment has laid asolidconfidence.
    Medical Fairthisscalehitthe most ever, an exhibitionarea of​​100,000 square meters,more than 5,000booths;from more than20 countries, more than2100exhibitors;615new products,research and developmentfocusto showthe medical industrylatest results.Comayelectrons inthis exhibitionshowcasethe company'slatest successful development ofa variety ofpatented products, in addition toachieve the desiredsales targets,also madea collaborationwith a number oflarge domestic and foreigncompanies.
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