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Medical Series >> PT-I Magnetic And Heated Therapeutic Device

1、Thanks to the optimized combination of 2 biological effects as magnetic wave and infrared wave into one system, the instrument is different from other treatment methods of using only single effect.
2、The 2 waves function simultaneously generate effective treatment result, as magnetic wave produces micro-electric current to carry out effects on bioelectricity and ion, while infrared wave produces resonance effect and thermal effect.
3、The mutual actions of two waves does not only act on tissues and cells, but also on molecule. It can efficiently remove free radical and algogenic biomass, works on neuro-endocrine medium, activating enzyme and phagocyte function to generate endorphin. By a series of complex biological effects, it can help to diminish exudation, remove inflammation, and accelerate the absorption of inflammatory exudates.
4、The product can help to reduce the risks and degrees of dysuria caused by prostate hyperplasia(BPH) and efficiently alleviate uroschesis symptom by anti-fibrosis, blocking tissue hardening and tubercle for anti-inflammation and pain relieving.
5、The patented low-frequency pulsed magnetic field vertically penetrates the prostate envelope to achieve a complete covering to the prostate.
6、This product can serve up to 4 treatments in the same time.
7、The product has the advantage of easy operation, safe treatment and free of pain and un-comfort. It is a non-invasive treatment and no adverse reaction.
Performance Index

·Strength of Magnetic- induction:
  a.average &#118alue≥150mG
  b.maximum &#118alue≤800 mG

·Pulse Frequency: (50~250)Hz
  5 degrees adjustable 50Hz、100Hz、 150Hz、200 Hz、250 Hz ~.

·Timing function:  
  Treatment time: Timing range 0~60min.
  Step in by 5min,timing error≤±1min. 

·The wavelength range of infrared radiation: 8μm~14μm.
·Strength of infrared radiation: 5 degrees adjustableⅠ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ.

Working Environment
·Temperature: 5℃-40℃
·Relative Humidity:≤85%
·Power supply:AC(220±22V)(50±1)Hz
·Atmospheric pressure:(86.0-106.0)kPa

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