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Medical Series >> Easeful® Urine Flow Dynamic Monitor

1、Durable reliability and safety operation.
2、Special designed air compressor provides stable 4hPa~20hPa treatment pressure.
3、Altitude compensation function ensures normal working mode anywhere in the world.
4、Automatic monitoring system allows alarm on accidental power-off.
5、Automatic trigger function for automatic restart after machine stands by.

1、Statistics interval urinary flow
2、Display average urinary flow rate
3、Visit Urine flow history information
     ·visit statisticed interval history information
     ·visit the setted time period of the accumulated &#118alue
4、Alarm function
     ·alarm when no urine / oliguria / polyuria
     ·alarm when the bag filled with urine
     ·alarm when battery power less than 30%
     ·alarm when the equipment without hanging bag, or abnormal disconnected AC

Performance parameters
·Display capacity range
  1) interval urine flow maximum display range: 0-9999 ml
  2) the cumulative total urine volume maximum display range: 0-672000 ml
  3) average urinary flow rate maximum display range: 0-4999 ml
·Measuring accuracy : 1 ml
·Measurement error : ±5%

Clinical use
·Obtain patient urine displacement information whenever and wherever.
·Effectively manage patients’ body fluid balance.
·Control and manage anesthesia and perfusion flow in extracorporeal circulation operation.
·Guide infusion according to urine flow trend graph.
·Noninvasive detection of renal function, timely and effectively make an assessment of renal injury.

Working Conditions
·Temperature: 5 to 40℃
·Relative Humidity: ≤ 85 %
·Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106 kPa
·Avoid strong magnetic field and mechanical vibration around the machine

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