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1、The biofeedback treatment is different from the traditional therapy to constipation such as medication, surgery and acupuncture. It is also not physiotherapy or chemotherapy, while it is by now one of the most advanced treatment method to constipation in the world.
2、The essence of the constipation is that the normal coordination mode between the brain and the internal organs( anus and rectum) is disturbed. The biofeedback therapy is able to help recovering from a disordered mode to a normal physiological state.
3、Defecation is a process consisting of a complete physical reflex actions. The traditional therapy is only effective to parts of the actions in the whole process, while the biofeedback therapy is fully effective to the whole actions in a defecation process.

·Functional Constipation

1、The product is used for constipation treatment, by which it will help to reduce the risks resulting in colon cancer, breast cancer, dementia, cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, sudden death, etc. It can also help sufferers to recover from sub-health state resulting from constipation.
2、Classification and diagnosis to constipation.
3、File management

 CH1(腹肌电/肛肌电)  CH2(腹肌电/肛肌电)
 放松基线值: μVrms
 放松基线值: μVrms
 最大值:     μVrms
 最大值:     μVrms
 平均值:     μVrms
 平均值:     μVrms
 标准差:     μVrms
 标准差:     μVrms
 中值频率:   Hz
 中值频率:   Hz

 Coordination Index

Performance Index:
·The measurement range of myoelectricity signal: 1μV – 999μV
·Input Noise:minimum &#118alue<1μV
·Common-mode Input Impedance:>5MΩ
·Common Mode Rejection Ratio:>100dB

Working Environment:
·Temperature: 5℃-40℃
·Relative Humidity: ≤80%
·Power Supply: AC (220±22)V
·Avoid strong magnetic field and mechanical vibration around

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