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Operational principle:

FY series of small molecular sieve oxygen concentrator machine adopts the imported high-quality molecular sieves. Using physical adsorption and desorption technology to separate the high rate Oxygen from the air. Molecular sieve oxygen concentrator is an advanced gas separation technology, no other supplies, use the air as the raw material to separate the high concentration of oxygen by physical means in the normal temperature.

Safety Alarm

· Alarm when Oxygen concentration below 82%.
· Alarm when compressor overload and thermal protection.
· Alarm when circulatory failure.
· Alarm when abnormal pressure.
· Alarm when low flow.
· Alarm when use the AC power interruption.

Work Environment

Temperature: 10-35℃
Relative humidity: ≤60%
Pressure: 86-106kpa
Altitude: above sea level, below altitude of 1800 meters.

Performance Parameters
Oxygen flow: Adjustable Flow, Tolerance Range±10%
Oxygen Concentration: ≥90%
Outlet Pressure: 35kpa ±10%
Noise: ≤50dB

Fashion style, different in appearance to conventional Oxygen concentrator
Oxygen concentration could be found in large screen
Ultra-quiet design, noise control at the source
Multiple inlet filtration system, provide you clean Oxygen
Multiple alarm settings, allows you to use Oxygen more confidence
Imported molecular sieve, keep the Oxygen confidence more than 90% in the future 24-working-hour.
Three types of Oxygen flow: FY-1L, FY-3L, FY-5L, to meet the various needs of patients.

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